Our company is only as great as our employees, and we have
worked to hire and retain industry experts dedicated to the
success of our clients.
This page lists the current and future employment opportunities with
Wisdom Elite.  We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our
Elite family.  When submitting your resume through our Contact Us page,
remember to include all basic information and copy/paste the resume into
the body of the email (no attachments please).

As a minimum, please include:
- name (legal)
- contact information (email, phone, & city/state of residence)
- skills and experience
- position you are wanting to fill (include job number)
- willingness to travel
- security clearances (active and expired)

NOTE: All applicants must be able to pass a background check and
complete online training courses for certification

Job Employment
Most of our employees and those we have contracts with (while serving our
country) know that we aim to please not only them and their families but we
continuously give back to our brothers and sisters in the military in every
aspect possible.  We are on a quest of uniting the entire U.S. in dedication to
keep in mind that where there is a will there is a way.  Hands across America
redefines self-dedication in creating an actionable constitution and bonds with
those in like mind.  We all can be peacekeepers as our forefathers of each
race deemed important; yet, as the Creator had in mind upon our creation was
to be of one mind with Him, to become fruitful, yield plenty and harvest
knowledge tenfold of bridging the gaps.  
Here are a few questions for you:
•        Do you feel there is something missing in your life and want something
to be changed yet do not know what it is, where to start and is it even
No matter your status, one way, form or fashion you have felt there are gaps
in your past that got you to this point currently.
We came up with a plan to hire those who wish to fill those gaps and make
the difference of ensuring that everyone has a job.
We are in many locations to make sure that this task is complete.  If you see
a homeless person, pass him/her the idea of this plan to clean up America, in
dedication to those gone to carry on the torch of what they started and
believed in for the future of mankind.  Let us all be a wingman for someone
to be the difference in that percentage of hope they think they lost.
Recruitment Agent:
--$600 dollars for every signed contract with Wisdom Elite (united as many,
that becomes one mind in a mission) and two weeks after the job begins you
will be paid.
*  You may also work on the signed contract(s) you helped to facilitate as a
supervisor, keep providing incoming contracts or both.  
This could be up to three contracts per month.  Work at your own pace
depending on how proficient and skilled you are at what you are doing and
you could do well.  

Email us for more information and regardless of your way of making the
difference in our country, always be ethical, think positive and be effective in
all that you do.  Best wishes!
Wisdom Elite, LLC.
Serving ethical quality to redefine
a true America.
Professional, like a soldier
Wisdom is growth
stemmed from
Currently Hiring:

  •  Contract Recruitment
  • Field Agents (announcement expires Sept 2016)
  •  Chapel Musician
  • Chapel Music Coordinator
  • Children's Book Writer
  • Custodial Workers
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