If you or anyone you know needs a licensed detective to locate: (Military overseas
included…no problem or Civilian)
•        Missing person
-        Child support
-        Debt collections to be served

•        Additional information/Background checks
-        Verify residence
-        Confirm current creditability
-        Place of employment at date
-        Tax fraud
-        Information regarding taxes/income from other locations resided
-        Ask, it is possible to retrieve it

•        Evidence (never come into any request with dirty hands) We serve our  
     country first!  Each of our field agents is prior special forces or military based
-        Photographs
-        Confessions (investigator will be assessable for court as a witness)
-        Other requests depending on case

•        Wrongful convictions leading to compensation-  Attorney will be provided
      under our direction and your requests.  This information will be recorded
      and sent to proper officials within the Justice Department.

•        Information can be used for:
-        Child support enforcement
-        Tenant screening
-        Pre-employment background checks
-        Custody cases
-        Suspected child neglect or abuse
-        Locate long lost friends/relatives
-        Lawsuits and Garnishments
-        Cheating spouses

Contact:  team@wisdomelite.net
Company name:  Wisdom Elite LLC (Licensed and Bonded)

We do not bill you until all information is gathered ($35.00 processing fee upfront);
if we cannot find them, we will not bill you.

Remember we will only work on areas you request and any other pieces that fall
into the chain of custody leading to fulfilling your contract with us.  All pieces of
information will not be disclosed to anyone other than the persons listed on your
request, other government agencies when needed and us.  Other than that, this
transaction will be completely discrete and held in strict confidence.
Wisdom Elite
Investigation Services
Investigation Services
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