What does “We the people” mean to you?  We all want a perfect union
and justice, otherwise how free is freedom?  Our forefathers stood for
those liberties and fought to secure posterity.  The cost of freedom is
priceless, yet you find that many people today are falling short of
knowing their rights and laws to maintain a percentage of being that true
American.  We need to be aware of our rights and abide by the laws of
the land in order for us to stand firm against foreign predators.  
Know your rights:
First Amendment:  
Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Religion
-        Religious Practices
-        Evolution
-        Parochial Schools
-        School Prayer
-        Religious Displays
Freedom of Speech
-        Political Speech
-        Obscenity
Freedom of the Press
-        Censorship
-        Libel
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Petition
Second and Third Amendments:
Arms and Armies
Second Amendment: The Right to Bear Arms
-        The Militia Clause
-        The Right to Arms Clause
Third Amendment: Quartering Troops
Fourth Amendment:  Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
-        The Exclusionary Rule
-        Consent
-        Good Faith
-        Stop and Frisk
Fifth Amendment:  Due Process
-        Confessions
-        “Taking the Fifth”
-        Immunity
-        The Miranda Warning
Sixth and Seventh Amendments:  Fair Trials
The Sixth Amendment: Juries in Criminal Trials
-        The Speedy Trial Clause
-        The Public Trial Clause
-        The Impartial Jury Clause
-        The Confrontation Clause
-        Assistance of Counsel
The Seventh Amendment:  Juries in Civil Trials
The Eighth Amendment:  Bail and Punishment
The Ninth-Twelfth Amendments:  Political System
-        Ninth Amendment: Unremunerated Rights
-        The Tenth Amendment: States’ Rights
-        The Eleventh Amendment:  Suing states
-        The Twelfth Amendment: Selecting the President
The Thirteenth – Fifteenth Amendments: Civil Rights
-        The abolishment of slavery
The Fourteenth Amendment: Due Process and Equal Protection
-        Citizenship
-        Civil Rights
The Fifteenth Amendment:  Voting Rights
The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments:  Taxes and Senators
The Sixteenth Amendment
-        The Federal Income Tax Law
-        Tax Protests
The Seventeenth Amendment
-        The composing of the Senators
The Eighteenth and Twenty-First Amendments: Prohibition and Repeal
-        Eighteenth Amendment: Prohibition
-        Twenty-First Amendment: Repeal
The Nineteenth Amendment:  Women’s Suffrage
The Twentieth and Twenty-Second through Twenty-Seventh
-        Twentieth Amendment:  Lame Ducks
-        Twenty-Second Amendment:  Presidential Term Limits
-        Twenty-Third Amendment:  D.C. Voting
-        Twenty-Fourth Amendment: No Tax on Voting
-        Twenty-Fifth Amendment:  Presidential Succession
-        Twenty-Sixth Amendment:  Voting at age 18
-        Twenty-Seventh Amendment:  Congressional Pay

We are the future of the Constitution, from the political, social, crime
and punishment to being aware of the President’s power.  We must keep
ourselves well informed regarding our rights and not abuse those
liberties.  The principle is that society must abide by the rules of our land
in agreement to live by them effectively.  If we remember that our
country was built upon effort and not privilege, those liberties will be
safeguarded under the Bill of Rights and subsequent Amendments!
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