Wisdom Elite Security and Investigation Services, LLC
Ask yourself, “Am I ready to dedicate my life and time to our
society?”  What does it take to be an effective American and be the
difference of change?  Each of us are mentors to someone, it may
not be known or apparent to you but there is always someone
watching.  It is time that we reclaim, redefine and assist in cleaning
up our environment.  If you are here in the USA, there is a call to
action to assist our communities, set examples and be the
Participating in this process of change does not require much; simply
uphold our laws without making a claim of using perception to live
them.  When fighting for what is right, we all must be on the same
page without religion, race, gender or biased intentions.  God is no
religion, race or gender, so we must uphold the laws of the land
without a motive to bridge a relationship with God while honoring
our laws just like the scriptures directed.  As Americans, we must
persevere and never cease until we are victorious in reaching our
goal of being one unified people.  
Our security company is not like the rest; we do not compete with
anyone but we strive to be the most effective.  After each work
week, family unity begins when each weekend is dedicated to
building physical fitness, firearms practice, martial arts and evolving
training in security through a government program.  We aim to be
mentors to each other as well as our society.  It will be a must that
each of our agents volunteer at least two hours a month to their
community of choice.  It is important that none of our agents have
bad habits that will affect their performance and corrupt their time
and yours.  The standards of our people must be of the finest quality
to yield a grand self-worth, both on and off the job.  
Each field agent has an official badge that represents our company
and will be discreetly equipped with ear pieces to communicate with
each other, a body cam, sunglasses and of course a uniform with
identifiers for official status that will be undetected but in plain view
(yes it can be done and working quite well) and registered with the
government or state. There will never be only one agent assigned to
a case or venture.  We believe in the buddy system and being alert.  
Some agents will be licensed to carry and registered with the NRA;
however, there are some that will have the approval for pepper spray
and may be a newer agent being under their supervisor while some
are trained in one or more forms of martial arts.  No matter the
contract or case, there will always be one main supervisor on the
As a company, we are insured and guaranteed to uphold American
rights to provide safety to public operation and to the private rights
of the general public.  We assist in working with the local police to
apprehend suspects, solve problems and locate the information when
no one else can.  Give us a challenge and we can locate them
whether it be they are military or private citizen.  The team of Elites
will always be focused on giving back to society, supporting our
government, soldiers and rebuilding a nation of a unified people.  
The laws of our country are what should shape America; we as the
people, must redefine ourselves individually to do our part.  
We are the finest…we are the Elites!
Wisdom Elite Security &
Investigation Services, LLC
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